The position


I will write on the
bellies of the starved,
I will put words in
the mouths of the
not one word of
disgrace in my thought
to be used against the
unfortunate wealth, my mind
will not blame oppression,
injustice, it would, like a
singing bard, whisper in
the ears of the achievers
on what real acquisition is,
the eyes of the rich will
suddenly open up and feel
the poignance of walking
over the poor, the stalwarts
will redesign the market
trends; the world, devoid
of disparity, will see its place.

Until then, my love for
the rich and the poor
will continue to enrich the floor,
until growth and development
delivers equality, until the
time new theories of economies
are written, until the pleasures
of the absence of depravity
come into fruition, will I
safeguard my relentless,
tireless position, seated on
the bellies of the famished,
inside the mouths of the starved.

© supratik 2023
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yet another strong poem today and I see that others have posted doleful submissions, may your position be successful and your heart pleased with the result.


“You will”, or “You are.” I sense a conflict within you; you want to do something tangible but are afraid, which is why you only “whisper”, rather than lighting the fires as you so much want to do. Ask yourself; are you the voice of the famished and the starved, or are you the farmer that will feed them and bring them up from the floor?

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