warning: adult material

(I bear witness)

In times of war we do what we have to do



(I bear witness)


they came early, dragged out the men,

nailed them eagled strung to the walls.

the boys they shot through the knees,

bent forced to cut their own throats, filmed

the black blood leak into the drains.


thick rain screams from turbid skies;

the Earth turns, opens its dried womb

for these lives removed, gouged eyes

blind to the fate of those left behind –

each stripped, whipped, gang-raped, doused and torched,

bodies, meatless, left for the rats.


I watched from the cropped mountain top,

among the rocks hidden by the clouds,

the children folded to my sides,

blindfolded – to such savagery

they cannot be witness; only I,


I carry the scars, memories,

seeds, which will trace back to this day

condemn the arms and those that armed –

complicit all, innocent none.

guilty all, those satellite eyes,

glued to the daily live streamed kills;


I know each one, will hunt them down.



© PilgermannBM 2023
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Self-defense is a human right. Why should the nation-state have a monopoly on violence? No matter how crazy an individual is, he can’t firebomb an entire city. Still, i am left wondering who the enemy is, what is the context of the atrocities? You don’t have to go to an exotic place to get this behavior. Here in the States it seems born of boredom more than any historic injustice.


No insult to PilgermannBM I admire his honesty and passion. What gets me is the way the world is turning into the very thing my parents warned me about. Communism. Pitting one type of people against another. no free speech so that those of us (as myself) who will NEVER take the vaccine will be blackballed by the brain controlled masses and people are encouraged to spy and betray their neighbours. yes, I may as well come out and say it…I do not trust the government and I will NEVER take their DNA changing vaccine. There is great wealth to… Read more »

You are not alone. The world is in a dork place and getting darker but there are millions keeping faith and know better than to believe CNN.



We shall over come. We are called to be beacons of light in a dark world,
The world is full of very loving people but the dark side is in full flow to conquer that. They have already lost.
Blessings on your wounded but strong shoulders.


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