The Lane That Leads To The Woods

In the name of progress.

The unsurfaced lane
that leads to the woods,
at the bottom of which
the river Bollin flows,
was once a smooth path
that people trod
when taking the dogs
for their walkies.
It isn’t so pristine
any more.
It is muddy,
full of potholes
and has become
a thoroughfare
for heavy trucks
delivering material
to a building site.
The powers that be,
in their wisdom,
had decided we need
more houses;
300,00 per annum
was the estimate.
Population growth
was the reason given.
Then, for good measure,
affordability and regard
for the homeless
were added to the list.
The overall mission
to be accomplished
by building dwellings
on brownfields.
Without exception, now
green fields are used,
pricey luxury homes
dwarf the number
of cheap housing
and the homeless
still sleep on streets
in cardboard boxes.
The public is consulted,
then, after deliberation,
objections are ignored
and planning is approved.
I am told that I’m a NIMBY
because the development
takes place in the proximity
of my humble abode.
The authority has spoken
and I have to accept
that I have no recourse
and can’t alter the course.
But it’s not only the lane
that is in a quagmire,
we all seem to be
in the same predicament.
© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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I’m not sure whether new low cost housing is being built near you or if they are building large luxury homes

The context/impact of this poem is very different depending on the type of buildings you are referring to

i.e. sympathy or disgust


I think you might have misunderstood me comment
You mentioned brown sites for affordable housing but you are near woods and a river
I get the impression you peace is being disturbed by builders putting up big houses for rich people and spoiling local beauty with the approval of local (corrupt?) councillors

You certainly have the right to rant of course if that is what’s going on
Happens a lot doesn’t it 🙁


This is so real to me, having the same happening around us. I won’t go into detail; suffice to say it is happening everywhere now. Good work – and no rant – just calling it out.

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