Part 20

Blue linoleum.  White washed mausoleum.  Plinth. Stone seat.  Single door.  Grill window.  Strip lighting.  Claw hammer.  Ribs. Writhing. Winded.  Wounded.  Fingers.  Feeling. Searching. Smashed.  Plinth. Stone seat sanctuary. Legs.  Straightened.  Knee caps.  Shattered. Rain. Grill window. Summer rain.  Chainsaw.  Soft skin cessation of hostilities. Daily decapitation. Blue linoleum. White washed mausoleum. 

© swissterrace 2023
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ST, Not too sure about this part. It’s too similar to the previous couple – the incessant sense of violence meted out. Am reading from the beginning to take stock of the continuity.

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