Mary spins herself a wondrous form

No 2 in the series “The Life and Times of Mary” describing the growth of Mary, who may or may not have existed, inside her father’s womb.


Mary spins cocooned in the space

Of her father’s unbounded womb

Tethered to the first placenta,

amniotic skies feeding her

the universe, its blue starred trace.


Courses through her the sum of is,

Each creation’s point unfolded

into her heart now constructed

from the first beginning. In this


unmoving time only she exists,

fingertips touched by ancient stars,

pulled to orbit, shield the foetus

from the sharpened probes of those


who would abort her growing wonder;

she spins dreams in her bellied room

determined to breathe unfettered,

knowing well she will be unhymned;

she spins, spins coalescing all,


sings, singing “I am who I am.

I am, I am , I am divine.”


© Bhi 2023
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A very spiritual poem. Almost like an abstract painting or allegory to me.
Perhaps her name should be Sophia?

Alison x


Hi Bhi,
Yes I got all that 😉 but when I say Sophia, she is the Gnostic archetype of the Divine Feminine from the creation story. I just found the name Mary too synonymous with the Virgin Mary a totally different figure.

Alison x


Exactly. plus a lot of people may not be aware of Sophia. Whatever, feels right to the writer. I always listen to crit but if it tells me that something should be changed..I will always think about it .. but if in changing it no longer has my ‘voice’ in it, it no longer resonates with me so best left. Mary queen of Scots? OMG lol. I also liked the term ‘spins’ as I once wrote a poem about Mother Spider…it was about creation as in some Native American lore, mother or Grandmother spider spins the world into being. Alison… Read more »

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Here it is. Not on a par to yours but along the same sort of thread (Pardon the pun )


Thanks so much. It was birthed by knowing time was short and my mother would be leaving soon. So I “sat her head of table” and when the time came…I “helped her to her rest when indigo descended. ”

Now I am facing the same with my cat companion of 18 years.
The pull is always on the web ….
Alison x


ok this is good. have you ever tried to write script prosetry? this could be part of a movie, all you need is a director and you as a concept director to guide him through your prosetry.


I don’t know how he works but I think it is mainly based on his own scripts maybe others are involved, in any case the only person right now that could do it is Panos Cosmatos, check the movie BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW.


Bhi, to me this echos the “Star Child” from 2001 A Space Odyssey. The limited making itself into the limitless. How the universe began down to the spark for a great work of art. Tight verse.

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