An Old Rascal

…and a charmer

We like to have news

of who comes and who goes

whether they’re friends

or redoubtable foes.


I have received a letter

from my best mate

and I gather that he is

the same old reprobate.


As there were no jobs

he became frustrated;

took the bull by the horn

and then emigrated.


He’s got more time

now he has retired,

he would like to write

as he feels inspired.


I suggest he relates

his luck with the girls,

whom he charmed.

with smiles, not pearls.


I don’t know why

they said he was fab

but believe he had

the gift of the gab.


He was very hairy

and also overweight

but was a dab hand

at getting a date.


Being a social animal

he liked to mingle,

yet, though gregarious,

has remained single.


Despite his old age

he seems recalcitrant

to show moral restraint

and continues to gallivant.



© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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Luigi, a leopard cannot change its spots. Or is it, “the spots cannot choose the leopard”? Either way, you’ve handled this in your usual adroit and polished manner.

Hairy and overweight, but can still get a date? The gift of the gab brings glitter to the eyes and builds the dream.



Enjoyed the leopards very much. It seems you have a poem for every occasion. That is an echo of a life fully lived.


Luigi, I liked it; it brought to life a personality; and why do the ugly blokes often get the girls?

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