Thank god

I am a Hindu.
I was stepping inside
a mosque; thought
I was inside a Church.
Both were religions of
fewer Gods, great violence.

There! I was caught
by me, wearing a Hindu
hat, I thought. For stories
of bloodshed among
the gods and goddesses 
happen here more often.

All are different.
All the same.

Religion has nothing
to do with what people
had done with it,
I thought.

I dressed like a Muslim,
ate like a Christian,
prayed like a Hindu.

Staged with the make-up,
I forgot what I was made of,
the soil and the soul.

I dreamt of a strange shift,
each follower realized that
theirs was the worst,
the fight was equally worse;
I ran out of breath.

A curious caricature of 
reverse epicaricacy, maybe. 

I popped out of my shell,
in a minute, went back
straight into the cell,
closed from all corners,
comfortable as hell.
I promised to seek an exit
from the inertia of habit.

For a splash,
in the twinkling of
an in-and-out,
I experienced heaven
I could dispense the trash,
the superfluous burden.

Free from the designed sting,
for a second, thank god,
I felt like a human being.

© supratik 2023
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Wow!! I can see I will need to give this some attention! There is truth here – congratulations.


So much honesty and well put! Truthfully, I believe we have all been in that place at one time or another. (Perhaps that is wishful thinking! Change ‘have all been’ for ‘some of us have been’.)

I love this: ‘I experienced heaven I could dispense the trash, the superfluous burden.” Excuse the expression, but… Amen to that!

No, my friend, my phraseology was misleading! Sorry.

I commented that I felt we have all been in that place at one time or another… and I retracted it in the brackets by saying that I should have said that I felt some of us have been in that place.



Yes, the incredible ways believers have been the source of so much ignorant conflict, each one sure their belief superior. I never could understand that. We all come from the same Holy Source under different names.
There is a world of difference between being religious and being spiritual.
Religion is foisted upon us…spiritualty is gained through insight and blessing from Source.
Alison x

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