Shipwrecked on the shores of nowhere,
cast away like any piece of dirt,
I find myself completely at a loss,
like any forlorn orphan sorted out
with nothing left except unfathomable grief
for all my losses of three invaluable friends
that never more can cheer me up,
and least of all now in this winter darkness,
where life couldn’t be much heavier.
For all my losses, love remains,
the only hope of mankind and of life
and irrefutable, invanquishable as such,
the only straw to try to grasp
in all the avalanches of cruel fate;
and the most curious thing is,
that you never have to be dependent
or be taken care of or feel loved yourself,
as long as you just keep on loving
in your own continuous and everlasting faith.


© aurelio 2023
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You have hit the nail on the head; the answer as you say is to keep on loving.


if one believes in the power of love, one simply cannot skip the ‘being part’ and to be or not to be becomes the most futile rhetoric question ever conceived

we don’t need faith’s allegoric dilemmas if we hopefully love hopelessly.

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