Part 16

Follow the road.  Burton Agnes Hall.  A straight road.  Via right.  Via left.  A straight road.  Getting higher.  Via right.  Via left.  A straight road.  Via right.  Via left.  Rudston.  One road.  Gets higher.  Higher.  Higher.  At some point.  In the distance.  The feeling.  Changes.  Thousands of spirits.  Rolling down hills.  Bellowing smoke.  Shadows.  Offended.  Deaths.  Deities. Spirits.  At some point.  A decision made.  Human combustion. Create a cult.  Based on burning.  Create an antidote.  That is cleansing.  Create an allegiance. To an idea.  Fit for the future.  Create a cult that craves death.  Follow the road.  Look for the candles.


© swissterrace 2023
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The first sentence Follow the road reminds me of that famous quote by Yogi Berra:
“When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It!”
Could it be included in the text? Or would it be a deviation from the plot? 🙂

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