The Darling Buds of Mae

Come up and see me sometime



Born with innuendo on every breath.

At five you knew the stage was your oyster.

Husky soundbites, oozing sex.

No formal introduction required.

A promise never seen fulfilled.

Stroking our brains’ erogenous zones.

Pushing the envelope.

Jail time to make your point.

Profits from the moralist clique.

Censorship paying your wages.

Broadway made your name.

Fun and titillation on the silver screen.

An embryonic Cary Grant owed you so much.


Tight platinum curls,

Long legs.

Opaque dresses tighter than the skin beneath

Eons before your time.




You had a lot, and it was all yours.

Eighty-seven years, game to the last.

Your sinuous invitation echoes though time.

© Guaj 2023
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A fine representation of the sex goddess Mae West whose character Lady Lou in the 1933 film “She done him wrong” actually uttered the classic phrase ‘Why don’t you come up some time and see me’.
Should not be Mae rather than Mea in the title?


A fine piece G.

There was a lot of darling about Mae. Where she led others followed. She knew what “managing your assets” meant.

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