Saying Goodbye


I am saying goodbye
to my current abode,
a Victorian house
that my aunt bestowed
to her favourite nephew
who happens to be me.
Some reasons I’m going
to name but a few:
the walls affected
by damp and mildew
and, in the rear garden,
a dying birch tree.
I will take with me
a Persian floor rug,
a stained-glass door
a vintage Toby Jug
and leave the rest
to the vendee.
You may think
that I am silly, I bet,
to give stuff away
but do not fret;
they were paid for
and aren’t free.
There is one thing
for which I’ll grieve.
One item I treasured
and have to leave:
an antique and ornate
front door key.
© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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Having just arrived here
saying goodbye already
seems to be a bit unfair,
especially when I realised
it was not of your choosing,
to leave because of Brexit.
If it was up to me I would
Knight you as Sir Luigi;
and the show Farage & co.
where to go – the behind exit!

Bloody Brexit! Another innocent victim; and what is the matter with our country?
All I can add, is to wish you a safe road ahead, and please excuse the doggerel!


Sorry, I got the wrong end of the stick, but glad you are not about to decamp to other climes. Many many years ago, I applied for (and got) Australian citizenship, and it was very straightforward – no fee, just a lecture from the Mayor of North Sydney, who bore a disturbing likeness to Barry Humphries in his Les Patterson persona. But I understand, from some Slovenian friends that in the UK it is both expensive and a daunting exercise in filling in reams of forms.

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