Bullet Points

My list of places and circumstances that caused emotional states I can’t name.

  • Another sleepless night. You climb up to the rooftop telescope to look out into the inky ether. Focus on your own soul so far away, so vast, mysterious as a quasar.
  •  You follow the dainty hoof prints in the sand down the dry riverbed to the waterhole. Spot huge cat pugmarks fresh in moist dirt then slowly look over your shoulder.
  • The sky empty of planes. You let your ears make up their own noise out of raw silence. Feel the void fill you.
  • The last day you hike to the abandoned silver mine. You stand before the dry-rotted timber beams and proclaim: This desert lacks the water needed to sluice out the precious metal that is life.

© ChairmanWow 2023
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CW, these are immaculately conceived moments.

For me the the feeling of the void filling me is the sense of connecting into the neural networks of the universe.



I liked it very much, if only we still had poetry challenges, I would create a new one, free verse prose or prosetry called Bullet Points.

excellent stuff

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