The Dai Lama’s Dilemma

This was part of the “IS” series and comes after the Buddha’s Reply. 

The Dai Lama’s Dilemma

(edited 20th December 2020)


Yesterday I was,
Today I still am was
Can be no more than I was
While this is of mine
is walled by the will of them;
But Inside I am that which must be

And I will be,

A resurrection none can deny.

© Bhi 2023
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Very cleverly crafted if you ask me.
As Dia says, ‘some will read and ponder deep, others will just know.’
Deserves a veritable blessing. A nib maybe?



Yes, that is what i say to this, yes.


This says much more than its words doesn’t it. I too have met His Holiness a couple of times and received teachings from him and he held me. I was booked to go to India to take the Kalachakra initiation but got bronchitis and missed it, it wasn’t meant to be. But at the end of one teaching a Q & A… someone asked not understanding.. “Whats enlightenment like?”, His Holiness replied “I don’t know I’m just a beginner”. Which I felt went directly to your words. When my son passed away the last thing I read to him at… Read more »


So true, I learnt about “walking meditation” from his writings. The best hospices in the world are Buddhist. They try to give that permission, freedom to pass on to their sufferers.

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