Gare Du Nord 1978

Travelling Europe on a Eurotrain card, which gave unlimited transport on trains and some buses, I think it was about fifty quid.

Gare Du Nord 1978


The fucking train is fucking late.

It makes you wait and fucking wait.

The cold seeps creeps, deep inside.

Shuffling underdressed outside.


Thinking of philosophy

But the cold makes it impossibility

Waiting waiting fucking waiting

Platform four Gare Du Nord.


Its fucking cold but the French

still wander dressed in chic.

Up and down up and down

Then finding a lost bench.


Sitting freezing lost and found

People dancing all around.

Someone sits, places themselves

Fuck off I think but say “ca va”.


“Oui ca va bien merci”.

“Its fucking cold”?

“Je ne comprend pas”!

“OK bien monsieur”.




A pigeon with one leg.

Struggles by like my mind.


The fucking train is fucking late!



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