When the toothpaste

refuses the merest smear

no matter how hard you squeeze,

and the shampoo’s enough

for  a mouse’s ears,

when a tea bag has valiantly

served for three cups

and the dog won’t go for a walk,

we say they are exhausted.


When the printer gives

 negative messages

about the state of its ink,

when the cash supply

won’t buy you a pint

and there’s no more corn for the hens,

we say these things are exhausted.


Right now I’m beating my brains,

pleading for something to write,

for something that rhymes

or is funny or sad,

for a striking image,

a metaphor glinting

among the dregs or my mind;

the tube of inspiration

I’ve squashed and squeezed

and it’s yielded never a smear.

It seems it too is  exhausted.


© Daffni 2023
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Yes, I think we are all suffering from some form of exhaustion at present.
I am exhausted reading the latest propaganda spouted out to keep us all prisoners while the economy is dismantled and generational businesses are for ever destroyed. Crony capitalism reigns supreme as Amazon devours people’s futures and wellbeing.

Anyway Daff
The thing is that even in your exhaustion and frustration about lack of inspiration you can still make poetry out of anything.
I take my hat off to you.
Alison x


Don’t get too despondent, Daffni. You have always produced work of high standard which has shown you are a talented writer and the fact that you have been able to write about ‘exhaustion’ proves that your font of imagination is not yet dry. 🙂
Luigi x

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