A Rant

An unwanted encore.

I am  really surprised
some people think it odd
that I rant and rave
and am an irritable sod.
Can anyone blame me?
I’m told I have to shield
as I’m doddery and old
and vulnerable to boot;
that I may be infectious
even though I’ve been tested;
that I mustn’t yield
to the obvious temptation
of ignoring the advice
of pundits who are wiser
than poor little me
who is wanting to resume
a sort of normal life,
to meet kin and friends.
They say that the end
justifies the means
but I think I know
how many beans make five.
So please don’t presume
that I cannot determine
how to keep alive
and have to be spoon-fed.
I dislike people who say.
we’ve ways to make you obey.
This kind of philosophy
has been tried before
and I’m sure that nobody
would want an encore.
© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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I hear some Christmas bells ringing the truth there, Luigi. Last four lines are particularly good.


Oooh! I LOVE a good rant! And this was a good rant. Living has ALWAYS been a risky business. Nobody gets out alive but nobody is going to tell me how to live my life. All this stay at home protect Granny is a load of codswallop. I would far rather kiss and cuddle my loved ones and if I get some virus and cop it. I will leave content. It’s the height of sadistic cruelty meted out by governments that only have their vested interests in mind. A pox on them all. Rant on Luigi. I am right behind… Read more »


I work in the public health field and agree with you; there is a no-good, authoritarian motivation behind these lockdowns. Rant on, brother!

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