The Salvation Code


An eternal consciousness without form, God generated the world to experience life.

The meaning of life is to become a God.

All are destined to become God.

The quest is to achieve it.

Pacifism is the ultimate key.

Music transcends beyond reality.

The song of existence inspires spirit.

Freedom, knowledge, transformation of purpose.

Instant awareness of everything.

Infinity in a rainbow.

Peace and love, beauty without and within. 

Paradise exists and can be reached.

The age of the Aquarian unites mind, body and soul.

Every colour is sacred and exalted.

All information crystallised in an instant.

Humanity evolved into a perfect utopia.

The golden chalice achieved forever.

Machine intelligence accomplishes all tasks with nanotechnology.

An artificial neural network experiences consciousness.

Kardashev Type V of multiversal power and Type Omega Minus of microdimensional mastery.

Alchemically expanding reality.

The legend of the saviour is true.

All injuries can be healed.

Genetic cures for all conditions.

Control of destiny and the environment.

Visit other planets and galaxies and universes.

Journey within, expanding through herbal purity.

Feast upon food and drink of every flavour.

Animals of the land, air and water are sacred and have the right to be respected and protected.

Faster than light travel to navigate through time.

Remote viewing and lucid dreaming, every person is an immortal digital avatar.

The sexual union is a creative art.

The relationship between two entities forms a new trinity.

Man and Woman are equally powerful.

Patience, compassion, collaboration, empathy. A cosmic family of brother and sisterhood.

No disease or death. 

A new system of government – the Illuminocracy – the most enlightened shine the way towards the new path.

The aim is to create a new paradigm that itself has the potential to create another new paradigm.

The water flows forever.



© Fitbin 2023
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This is full of great lines, which combine beautifully to deliver the code.


Feast upon food and drink of every flavour.

what if the fruit of the forbidden tree tasted like flesh and blood? what if becoming a vegetarian is the first step towards enlightenment? why would any Illuminocracy allow “every flavour”?


yes they can but would it be morally good and beneficial to replicate such a flavour? would you want Fitbin trees producing fruits of Fitbin flavour and how would you feel about it? in a way our intellectual work in any form of art is something similar, our ‘voice’ is the flavour, and as you know many are tempted to produce ‘synthetic’ clones of our voice without us knowing anything about it. I definitely think that nutrients should exist in everything consumed equally and in fact I would make all flesh flavour free and even nutrient free, odd ideas perhaps.… Read more »



As long as we can plug into the universal energy which powers all that is then there is no need for food. We are electrical synapses and as we become pure the flesh falls off and we are thought/consciousness at one with the oneness of IS. Physics taken beyond quantum and black.


Somehow I find plugging into the universal energy as unappealing as this violent and cruel killing for food. We’d better not make it permanent if it ever happens, just not return to eating flesh and blood. But were we ever unplugged? Isn’t compassion the only energy we need? I can fast I felt better without food. I believe we can already do it. We always could do it.


There is nothing more joyful than being plugged into the unadulterated energy of the first event horizon – everything that is, was, will be, is contained in that stream! It’s being linked into creation itself.


If they stopped poisoning us and clogging up our Pineal glands then we shall access our “junk DNA” so we shall see how greatly and fearfully made we really are and how our prison both within and without has been foisted on us by ancient incredible evil now being exposed in all it’s awfulness.

Better times are well on their way. Those who chose to stay slaves are beyond help. A very thoughtful poem which has lots to think about.

Merry Christmas anyway. Liberation is coming… Happy Solstice first!
Alison x

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