A phone conversation with Bill

One of many daily conversations with a good friend who’s writing his father’s biography. (He’s finished chapter fifteen)


Bill called the landline, left two expansive messages,

plus an additional reminder on my cell;

my father’s life, just finished chapter fifteen.

next up the sixties; need your sharpest googling skills

to confirm the year the young Hornby Twigged.

was it 1965 or 66?

dimly recalled an image of her and Bobby Moore.

was leaning – correctly – towards the latter.


The Shrimp is next – fashionista and “super model”.

did Bailey truly spot her munching Kellogs Flakes?

absolutely connected a url

illuminated; she had advertised that cereal!

Mused, bedded, much Stamped, she flowered into Vogue.


Finally there’s Barbara Goalen; “Miss Exclusive”

how was her surname spelt, and when did she retire?

and while I was researching, had I received the Guy La Roche?

what a bargain for £24.99! He’d posted it last night.

After setting him straight – B, that’s it for today,


but please watch out for an immaculate Longines?

(he’s sold me a few dated from World War II) – 

I wondered which names he’d resurrect the next day,

bits and bytes to feed my algorithmic mining

and factually seed his revenant story.

© Bhi 2023
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