The art of love

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The art of love
is to never hurt the one you love,
which is of arts the most difficult of all,
since love, more than anything else,
compels you to vicinity
and drives you to the highest degree
of intimacy, which ever needs surpassing.
No matter how difficult this art is,
there’s always means to make it,
a way of love completely without hurting;
and it is the quest for that evasive route
that makes love always unsurpassably exciting.


© aurelio 2023
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Fine lines contained in this poem. And the quest is most definitely the most exciting we are likely to embark upon in our lives.



I am totally with Bhi on this poem, Aurelio. I feel you are describing the strife towards unconditional love – which is, in essence, so simple, and yet, with our egos and physical jamming, remains an objective still to be met.

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