Carnaby Street.

 What a magical word.
It conjures a time past
when the present days
represented the future.
It  does strike a chord
with old fogies like me
who wallow in nostalgia.
It is nice to see products
that are made nowadays
in the style of the sixties.
We have seen the comeback
of vinyl and clothes
very similar to the ones
we were able to purchase
in HMV London stores
and boutiques of Carnaby Street
in bygone years.
The Mary Quant fashion
does not look quaint
and there is a demand
to revive old shows
such as Back to the future,
Here’s Lucy or The Saint.
The admiration for old things
might be genuine but
it could also be an illusion
we create to relive our youth;
to be with the beautiful people
and be able to utter once more
‘Peace, man’ and carry placards
that say ‘Make love, not war’
and be everyone’s friend.
And even though the world
tends to be self-destructive
we can dream and pretend
that everything is well.
© Luigi Pagano

© ionicus 2023
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Very philosophical poem, Luigi. Nicely done. Sadly I think the bottom line is: nothing changes.

cynical or what? 😉


Luigi, we can certainly dream. Everything recycles, but tech is moving so fast that the cycles are becoming shorter, and we are nostalgic for what was 5 years ago.


Very nice. I liked this. I’m with Guaj on this one, Luigi – except I DO think things change. You proposition is one that my wife and I have often discussed. I’ll be blowed (that might bring back a memory 😉 ) if we have an answer, but both agree we’d like to go back to our more younger days – but onlu if we could know what we do now!
Blessings, Allen.

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