stick around

stick around
Sadie, in a lavender nightie,
parked her bum on the arm of the sofa
rolling a cig from ashtray butts
to smoke while watching
a Ground Control re-run
on daytime telly
she had a crush on Monty Don –
always watched when he was on
Walter, her partner, lolled beside her
Sadie lit her rollie –
smoke clouds wreathed the head
of the ageing, fading
one-time Tiller Girl
her countenance shone
with an unearthly glow –
not unlike the Starbucks logo.
Walter sat stuck fast
melting into the vinyl sofa
his dissolving eyeballs
staring, unseeing, at the screen
as his elements mingled
with those of Conchita,
Sadie’s long-deceased Chihuahua,
Sadie picked Ferrero Rochers
from a silver bon-bon tray 
tonguing the chocolate
piling sucked nuts
on a saucer for later
she popped her top set in
and stuffed her mouth
with a hazelnut handful
at the precise moment her idol
sprung from a clump of floribunda
she snorted with laughter,
but could not breathe
and could not swallow
despite coughing and barking
there was no dislodging
the hazelnut blockage
(no one had shown her the Heimlich Manoeuvre)
she gasped her last,
starting the slow dissolve
into oneness with Walter
(and the late-lamented Conchita)
before hearing her hero
spout the merits of mulching, 
“a thick blanket of manure makes for nutritious conditioning” 

© coolhermit 2023
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Another well deserved pick
I don’t remember seeing this before is this a new one


Rick, I Like!
I hope her rollie didn’t burn a hole in the vinyl sofa! 😉



Kind of like the Circle of Life. Ecosystem on a couch. Fun poem.

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