The Buddha’s Reply

The 2nd poem in the “Is” series


This is

That is

This is this

That is that

This is that that is this

This is as that is


This is is

Was is is

Is was Was is

Is is Was was


This is was

            As was is

This Is

Is is Is

Is all

All is Is

As this Is



© Bhi 2023
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I guess this is the hearthstone that locks us in this world, a slate of memories wiped clean using the best excuse possible.

to explain my comment I have to show you a poem of mine, when I comment using odd words it’s because of momentum I do it sponteneously and quite often without returning to edit and clarify people may think I used the wrong words here and there… PAGAN CHRISTIAN In the house with the red roof on the black hearthstone a white arrow you drew, and deep in the wood near a pond, under a tree you wiped the slate clean for two. People asked you once “In what do you believe?” and you replied “In the only lie that… Read more »


It always ends up like that, or ‘am’. It is all within. A subtle solvent for all that is.

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