Haystack Day

Inspired by Guaj – when we discussed North Kent, Colleges, and girlfriends (HERE). 

It was longer, but survived some sensible pruning.

This is about the girl on the bus….

Once upon a time …

Hand in hand – on top deck –
brazen lovers
plotting a tryst.
Her enchanting breath in my ear
and a kiss
to seal the pact…





Away from college –
footpath at Sarre.
Heart in my mouth…


She and I – hand in hand.
Her with those long
skinny bare legs,
and the diaphanous white blouse
that the sun
could see straight through…

Long blonde hair – curls about.
Ringlets hanging
onto my arm,
and the delicious tickling
on my skin –
my true love true…

Blue court shoes – matte with dust.
Sinuous feet
matching my pace,
and the excitement of lust
she and I
both felt, both knew…

Dry gold hay – stacked up high.
Lips as sweet as
pink, candy, floss,
soft breasts to vellicate my tongue,
hands that sought
to touch me too…

Sweet moist dew – slick and smooth.
And in that place
where passion flies,
she gave, unsullied, and free,
her precious

…so brand new.


© griffonner 2023
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Very nice to know I inspired a poem, Allen. this is a well described tale of young lust I could almost smell the herby perfume of fresh cut straw. You created a delicious scene.
Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of a roll in the hay . . . well I did, with my two cousins in their dad’s barn, but it was a far more innocent game of cowboys and indians using straw bales as cover from imaginary bullets and arrows.

Last edited 2 years ago by Guaj

Never thought I would see “vellicate” used in this sense. Brilliant!


Allen, you definitely do not want to ruin the atmosphere! Reminds me when I worked on a farm doing irrigation during the summer vacations; used sit at the top of a sloping field side by side with the farmer’s daughter, artichokes in full bloom spreading down below us. The warmth of the flesh, the scent of the damp earth, the commingling – moments to treasure.


BTW, both the use of vellicate and the poem – top notch


Reminiscent of Cider with Rosie. Skilfully crafted, Allen,
Best, Luigi/

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