This Word “is”

This word “is” keeps me awake looking past somewhere which is to the left of nowhere in the middle of nothing filled with something.

This word “is”

Take this word ‘is’:

What is ‘is’?

Just is?

IS is is.

Surely, there’s more?

Must be more than just “is”


I and S   “IS

And placed after ‘it’

Becomes ‘it is’.




But is it?


The question remains:

                        What is it, this “is”?


© Bhi 2023
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to a Greek’s ear the verb is sounds electric, I am not sure what exactly it is you are doing here, maybe just be mindful and present with IS and playing with some ideas around IT, so I don’t know how deep you wish a comment to be . I could be your talkative nightmare on the matter as this is the reason (a noun with a charged echo) I am writing most of the time.


Hi Bhi,
Not sure words have substance. Surely it’s the writer who gives them life and bulk? This was a bit like something out of Shakespeare’s Hamlet…
Thought-provoking, though

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