Musing on the Threshold by Bozzz (David Boswell)

      Musing on the Threshold. - David Boswell (Bozzz) Recited by Stormwolf

 In loving memory of Bozzz 

David’s wife Meg, sent me this last poem. He was almost blind by then and asked for my appraisal.I recorded it and she let him listen. It made him happy. He was as sharp as a tack and had deep humanity plus wonderful wit to the very end.
I thought it nice to share his work to those who remember him and those new to the site.

 I’m deaf and blind and out of touch
and even on the ‘prayed for list!’
Alas, their prayers won’t come to much
for thank God, I’m an atheist.

Sans mind, sans legs, sans in between
succinct in life, succinct in death
Better gone than heard or seen
I will not waste another breath…

On second thoughts
I’ll hang around.
Peruse the press, and read reviews,
until my genius has been found 
with laureate, I can’t refuse.

But why should I be so surprised
it hasn’t happened, what’s gone wrong?
My poetry is not recognised,
perhaps, I’ve stayed alive too long?

The truth? It must be told at last.
Admit it man, now is the time.
You’re living in forgotten past.
Go, fill your grave
with ancient rhyme.


Never forgotten Bozzz

© stormwolf 2021
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Thank you Meg and Alison for this lovely tribute to our departed friend who was well known for his wit which he kept right up until the end. He was gracious enough to be a guest on my website and his photo is in the guests’ gallery and he’ll never be forgotten.


Yes Alison plenty of room for more. As it says at the bottom of the page:
“My next guest could be you. If you would like to feature on this page contact me.”


thank you too, lovely reading ! his wit is what I needed right now…



I didn’t know Bozzz. I think I was on one of my long absences when he appeared, but this is a priceless piece of work. What a wit! Your post and recording is a lovely way to honor his memory. bel xxx


Thanks for posting this, Alison. Dear old Bozzz. A typical self deprecating, amusing poem written with the rhythm and rhyming that was his poetic strength.
I tried to rate this and managed to, erroneously, enter a 2 when trying to score 4. Duh!!!

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Ah, I remember Bozzz. Never lost his marbles. As you say, a keen mind until the end.

He had a good mastery of rhyme and metre, as can be seen here.

God bless him.

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