Anyone For Tennis?

What the deuce?

Tennis is being played at Roland Garros
with some players who are big hitters
and others, nervous, who get the jitters.

There are a few visitors who wear a mask
to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading,
the infectious virus everyone is dreading.

One tennis player has the onerous task
to try to come back from two sets down;
if he does so, he’ll be the talk of the town.

There’ll be the need for a change of balls
after seven games because of much wear;
some, although rare, could be threadbare.

The umpire is sitting in a chair so high
that his head could be touching the roof
he may be aloft but not in the least aloof.

Only a handful of spectators are allowed;
to the majority, this rule seems abstruse
baffled, they exclaim “What in the deuce?”


© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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Ha Ha! Clever last line, Luigi. One of my daughters is a tennis addict and watches all the matches – but very safely, from her living room!

Unintended typo?
The umpire [he]’s sitting in a chair so high

A timely piece. I like. bel xx

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