Time 2020

I have written so little in the last 18 months or so, to be back to writing is a relief.  It seems somehow appropriate that inspiration should dawn on the same day that I discover this (old) new version of UKA.

Time 2020



plop… plop… plop…

into viscous minutes.

They clump and bind

and miss and slide past,

with nothing to hold to.


Hours coagulate, stickily, 

and time is slithering,

cold tar rate and 

hot treacle speed –

an unsavoury conglomeration,

unmeasured and…



Days come, go, 

the days of our being


they swirl and blend into 


closed down.


The tempo of our lives is 

colla voce Covid,

dragging and rushing

– both unseen.


The rhythm gone,

we fumble through 

our un-barred lives;

counting seconds,

missing minutes.

Tick tock.





© Elfstone 24/9/20




© Elfstone 2023
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Brilliant piece of observational philosophy (does it even exist?) I really loved it though. It is very insightful, I think, especially to those of us who have seen too much of this ‘unsavoury conglomeration’ slipping through our fingers. Witty, poignant and pithy.


Hi Elf, I am glad to see you have started to get writing again. I too have been in the doldrums for a good while. I like the originality of the way you describe time in this piece. It captures well the ambiguity of time both standing still, slithering past and clinging like treacle. I too have felt time has become distorted by the craziness of what is happening globally. I envy you your location and at least you can experience a deep connection to nature that some of us in the city strive for. I am incredibly fortunate in… Read more »

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