High Finance

Ever wondered when countries borrow billions just where the money comes from? I can explain on a micro-scale

A billionaire’s yacht once sailed
To a small Greek island (economy failed)
The hotel’s ballroom he booked (Paid cash)
To hold his daughter’s birthday bash
One thousand dollars he laid down
Then went off to explore the town

Hotelier’s heart leapt with joy
He sent for his errand boy
Sent him dashing down the street
To pay the butcher for his meat
The butcher paid his farm supplier
Whose cashflow was really dire

The butcher paid the banker what he owed
The banker said “well, I’ll be blowed”
Then sneaked out from his back door
And went and paid the village whore
To the hotel at once she cruised
To pay for all the rooms she’d used

The billionaire returned to say
He’d changed his mind and wouldn’t stay
Had a refund of his cash
Cancelled his daughter’s birthday bash
So nothing was bought nor sold and yet
Everyone was out of debt

© pronto 2023
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I like that tale. It shows up the fatuity of money – it simply is unreal.


This sums up the madness to a “t”.

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