a promise, I guess

Trying to capture a spontaneous mood before it slips away.  I guess the present ‘situation’ has brought us a sweet melancholia 🙂


we will sit in my garden
fish-gazing in the neglected
silted pond
maybe a little wine, olives.
you will make a cigarette
or roll a joint
I’ll watch the smoke curling
seeing in the downy clouds
the faces of old friends passed
who sat here noon to night
remembering them with smiles
and those late night debates
angry at times but always loving
fuelled by long killed bottles of red
and look from the faces to you
and know they approve
for you are half-crazy
like me – like they
we hate the same things
laugh the same laughs
tune out the assured future
the certain end of all we are
one will leave
perhaps you first
or maybe me
but never the memories.

© coolhermit 2023
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I really get this. You capture also (besides melancholy) nostalgia – that can sneak more and more into thoughts as one gains years. So much water has gone beneath my arches it seems! Well written and deserving of honours.

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