In memory of my mother’s passing last spring.

      DAFFODILS - Stormwolf


“The daffodils are hurting my heart.”

They mock my melancholy in their vibrant hues.
You loved them so last year.

I knew it was coming
that time of inner torment
when beauty juxtaposed inner suffering…

When their message of spring was smothered in me
looking at you.
How death now bore the canvas of yellow
as we held hands in sunshine
with shadows lurking

The daffodils are hurting my heart.


© stormwolf 2020
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4 months ago

April is the cruellest month, as a great poet once said. It is an ironic season in which to pass away. Or maybe not, if you believe in reincarnation, rebirth, as I think you do.

I hope you’re plodding on as best you can. Great to see you on here again.

Alfribald x

3 months ago
Reply to  stormwolf

I have no doubt that one day, you will indeed drive her around the daffodils again. I’m sure she’s waiting for you. I’m sure you know that too.

Me, hold a grudge?… No, what reason could I possibly have for doing that?

Surely none whatsoever.

Anyway, you must never stop writing. You must never give up. That’s the absolute worst thing you could ever do.

3 months ago

Oh I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I send my positive thoughts for your recovering from the grief as time goes by. I understand though, that grief is a powerful thing, and that maybe without it we cannot fully heal. It struck my heart that you associate daffodils with your Mother because I do too with my own Mum – who did not have Alzheimer’s. My mum loved them as long as I can remember, along with Daisies. My great aunt in her retirement taught art, and my mother painted some daisies under her tutorship. Mum’s finished… Read more »

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