musing in the shine

I thought to set mesen a challenge to write an extemporaneous piece in lines of 5 syllables. Here it is:

“musing in the shine”

if I look out my
ground floor flat window
the walls of the block
reach well past the sky

it’s twenty four floors
to the flat roof top
where I’ve stowed a chair

I like to sit there
where no one sees me
and read in the sun
or play some music

sometimes I’m naked
trying out yoga
moves a girl taught me

I liked downward dog
she said that was rude
I still did it though
she won’t see me now
not since…

                  never mind.

the lift is broken
warning signs, “Keep Out!”
so I climb the stairs

each floor throbs with
domestic raging
fifty radios
blasting chart-busters
somewhere someone is
playing classical
now and again jazz

climbing is kind of
for those studying
cultural trending

but it’s exhausting

deckchair needs a wipe
I brush off spiders
close my eyes to doze
in butter sunshine
fused with disparate
sounds from below
I catch birdsong

a harmonious
soul-soothing melange

‘not bad – all in all.’

© coolhermit 2023
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