I want to go where dragons fly

i want to go where dragons fly,
where the unicorns run free,
to follow the griffins in the sky,
all the way down the the sea,

but im here in the corner crying,
praying my tears wont distub his sleep,
inside i feel my soul dying,
i lay filthy cold and still i weep,

i want to sail the seven seas,
to go in search of distant lands,
to roam free wherever i please,
and tread barefoot upon the sands,

instead theres pain from his drunken rage,
bruises are tokens of his affections,
my lifes an open page,
broken and shattered in all directions,

i yearn to seek the pirate king,
finding his treasure on my way,
so a fortune i could home bring,
saving it for a rainy day,

the rain falls on my window,
as my tears fall down my face,
is hate the only emotion he can show?
as he puts me in my place,

i want to see the fairy queen,
to see all her magic and her charm,
for her to show me a world unseen,
and keep me always safe from harm,

why does he hate me so?
why does he inside tear me apart?
is it because she left him long ago,
and broke his only heart…

ive escaped now he cannot hurt me again,
for i fly with griffins down to the sea,
and he cannot cause me any more pain,
my body is broken yet my soul is now free…

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