Waiting For You

Waiting For You


I sit here, this empty house echoing noisily without your presence

I promise you, it was a lot quieter before you left

Why is that?

Because you were the only person in the room who gave two damns whether I was watching you from afar or not. Instead, you’re now just starting to realize what anguish you’ve caused.

Yeah, I’m not the smartest person to have ever said that, but I certainly am not the first or the last to have done it either. Every step you take leaves a mark that is unerasable to me.

You cannot just hide from the situation at hand

You’re too wrapped up in your current love affairs to really give a hoot what others around you do. Thats what hacks me off mostly

You like it when others give you love and affection, 

Yet the only person who you’d be willing to die for is your stupid mate

 You’re afraid that i’m going to steal your moments with him 

And you feel its best to cut me off.

Fine, I get that.  But when we become taken advantage of, that’s when it begins to irk you

I’ve been there, no doubt so have you.

I can respect that to a certain degree

Thats until your calmness about the crisis you’ve created just tears me apart

“Do you like hurting me?” you once asked

I honestly couldn’t care less about because when you need me most

I’ll have been done with you

© SpikeFox87 2023
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