Socrates preached,
‘Know thyself’
To his ardent students.
I bet what he meant
Was to know God.

The traits are still the same
If we played the engaging game
Of the seeker and the sought.

Sad, the law-abiding citizen
Was poisoned to death;
We, imprisoned for life, 
In fateful thoughts.

© supratik 2023
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actually know thyself is an aphorism of the Oracle of Delphi, mhden agan / know thyself the first means : avoid extremes these two were top of the top because the aphorisms are many, avoid extremes and know thyself and it was not by chance that this oracle said Socrates was the wisest man alive because he had said “there is one thing I know and that is that I know nothing” and from there Socrates questioned everybody’s ability to prove anything they claimed they know well or better than most. through his polite questions he proved the interlocutors didn’t… Read more »

I am not that fond of using plural first person, I have done nothing it is however written in history that something has been done, third impersonal singular describes better any situation past present and future. It is not by chance that it is the favorite person for any objective and well documented essay. You haven’t also, unless you remember clearly a past life as one of Socrates prosecutors the blame cannot be shared if that makes sense to you!

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