Frage (Question)





Here I come, to ask life a question….

Usually, life never answers in clear explanations

I specify the question, yet all but subtle hints are what I receive in return of my curiosity

Why this happens, I do not know.

However what I do know is that when I am given a specific answer, I must seek out its meaning in every way possible

Even so, not everything is as simple as you might portray it to be.

My worst fears are always getting in the way of productivity

I don’t want to hit a bump along the way, fall all apart and build from scratch again, all from nothing

I rage in confusion and rebellion because my situation is less than what I expect and essentially need it to be

Glorious life has to rub its cons in my face, taunting me, 

Antagonizing me to fall out of line, fall and never get up again

I know though that I am stronger than most think I am;

And that I am out to prove that no one, not even life, 

Can hold me down for long, depending on my drive

I must carry on through light and dark alike, 

But I must also learn to take and accept my journey and destiny alone, 

Because dependence is key to failure

Going off of that I will be led to greatness




© SpikeFox87 2023
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we would not reach any conclusion without the help of impersonal hypothesis.

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