Canny Resemblance

Canny Resemblance


No way to cry out and call out your name

I don’t have anything reason to be ashamed

Of and don’t you dare push me on all of the blame

Cause trust me, I’ll fight back no need to explain

On days like the ones I used to really enjoy

Became such a nightmare; like a soldier’s deploy

I promised you love, you forced it to fall and crash

I thought your decision was honestly unfair and rash

I saw your fault, you responded by making it trash

But you didn’t see that; turning embers to ash

I’m sorry I tried to keep this relationship strong

Instead you flipped the tables, telling me I was wrong

I stuck by your side, through times happy and sad

But you don’t want me in your life, and that makes you glad

I suffered and drowned on the misery you provided

And close to my own death, you knew not to fight it

All alone in my circles of absolute pain

I cant ever escape, trapping me once again

So tears that I cry they’re genuine and true

Some days you would ask me what I wanted to do

Now all is gone, forgotten and erased I see

Your greed and arrogance made this relationship bleed

Through storm, through fire I stayed till the end

Only you broke my heart; my hope dwindling dim

© SpikeFox87 2023
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