No Way Out

I run down the endless hallway with endless doors and endless possibilities to be trapped 

And in the end, most definitely killed

All I know is that I have twenty-four hours to find the right way to get out,

Sounds fun, doesnt it?

I mean, theres only so far you can run in one direction and you see a door, it gets farther away

Damn it!

I’m trapped permanently in a bunch of random rooms looking the exact same way

How I am huddled in the Endless Hall of Doom is the way i have to start over

Last time I came into a room, a hail of spikes came down on my head, crushing me instantly

Next thing I know, Im basically in the same room, just a different layout and way of how i escape or die. I have unlimited lives but limited time.

Its not very long at all, the amount of rooms I must search to find a clue to lead me out;

Alive and unscathed

Sadly, I get so discouraged in the progress, that I am wasting my time, trying to waste my lives or time itself

But it specifically states, “finish or stay forever” 

Not like i want to stay here for the rest of my life

Either that or get out with a stronger spirit than before.

I certainly hope I can get to my goal and not perish in the end or at all for that matter

However something tells me its not in my best interest to try to find out why I am here…

© SpikeFox87 2023
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is there a typo here

just a different layout and ate of how

cool story, liked it!


I’ve always thought that the boundary between fiction and reality is not exactly made of bricks! I used to have a repeating dream/nightmare where I was continually opening doors to find my way out of somewhere. Very Deep! I know! 😉

You didn’t make me shiver with the memory but I wondered what was your muse for this piece?

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