Natural shift

I realized I had to get
Off my chair;
Else re-positioning it,
Became an impossible affair;

All this while I was one
With the wooden seat
Agility lost, I succumbed
To a rigid defeat.

Likewise, when I recognized
I was neither my thoughts,
Nor my feelings
I could detach myself from them
I was able to behold them from a distance,
I could hold them at once;
Like I held my framed identity,
My unnatural self, as the sole entity.

The obnoxious ones left my system;
End of the vicious game!
I emerged. Gave myself a priceless gift,
My paradigm made a natural shift.

© supratik 2023
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I liked it very much – I wonder if this is the real common fate, when there’s a shift such things happen always, like in death but in the same sense procedures that are mandatory and only natural, I’d like to read something you wrote or will write about Bardo Thodol by the way..

Bardo Thodol is about the Intermediate State of Death. the 49 days the soul either is enlightened or is reincarnated, more or less. it is the tibetan book of the dead.

Agnostic former Orthodox that respects any open-minded aspects of former religion of anyone and has a soft spot for Ancient Greek stuff and various ancient mythologies from around the world.

basically I’m an independent objective practical philosopher that wants to spank among various -isms religion in any form even that of a fervent atheist or ‘scientist’.

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