waiting in Coventry



(remembering Liz Taylor)


as a striking ‘still-a-man’ but ‘would-be-woman,’

tall, elegant, straight-backed, slim,

hair corbelled with roller bun and pony-tailed

Japanese style

serves diners in a Coventry eaterie

‘their’ Cleopatra breasts brush the trays ‘they’ carry.



I steal surreptitious glances

as ‘she’, as ‘they’ are waiting to be,

weaves tables.


I’m largely at ease with my genitalia

but I’d love to have a chest like ‘theirs.’

© coolhermit 2023
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Reminds me of my student days when I worked behind the bar of a Soho pub. Lot of ‘them’ around those days since Soho was a place where they could openly live their dreams. Some were very nice people and like us all, some were absolute bastard-ettes, some were just lost souls.


I guess this is the positive side of the modern world 🙂

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