Honesty is the best policy.

Sometimes your dreams and innermost thoughts have to be said!

I understand
Nothing stays the same.
So change will happen
And sometimes in ways
That disturb
My equilibrium.
I am prepared for it.
I await it with open arms.

It is said that we move
Away from perfection
So that when we return
We become even closer:
To – Love.
To – everything.
To – the Whole.

What a shame it is
That for change to happen
We must first see things
With more open eyes
And witness the lies,
The deception,
The fraud
Of false leadership,
That paints clouds
A shade of grey;
Steals gold from the Sun,
Fills the World with greed
And casts fear far and wide.

I am sickened by it.
I want be whole again.

I yearn to feel love
Like warm sunshine –
Filling me, completing me –
For white clouds,
And truth,
Throughout the World.



© griffonner 2023
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