Words are energies

No, I will not lie
I am here to lay bare
On what I can never rely.

You’re most enthusiastic
In your reluctance,
For highlighting errors
You write pages,
You’re most reluctant
With your compliments
You finish them off, as it were
In one sentence.

It’s not your fault
It’s your horrible upbringing, 
Your terrible education
That has taught you this
You are happy with your Ps and Qs
Yet you’re restless in your abyss.

It is not anybody’s fault;
Unconscious, we all fall
Prey to this monster
That hides behind
That handsome,
Innocuous word
To have our curious
Conscience murdered.

This breeds poison in the air
Makes the atmosphere
Vicious, we lose faith
In people with plastic facts,
Whose words only harm;
For words are energies
That in truth, infuse and charm.

© supratik 2023
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Hear, hear. 🙂
(I may have fallen foul of my horrible upbringing with just two words!) 😀

Yes, I did understand the concept of your thinking, Supratik, and in wanting to let you know I agreed with what you were saying I couldn’t help but put my tongue in my cheek and squeak just those two words, “Hear, hear.” 🙂

One has to be careful with words too, and I thought a quote attributed to Warren Buffett would be acceptable in this context, “honesty is a very expensive gift don’t expect it from cheap people.”

You said to me, “You have a wonderful day.”

You also, Supratik.

Best wishes.


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