The most unconscious crime

If I do not forgive
The outcome is simple,
The inability won’t let me live, 
As one little drop of poison
Spoils the drink
One such little lack will prick,
I will remain in the prison
For good, fall in the abyss
Where, life would be bound
To drown and sink. 

If I’m able to forgive someone, 
Regardless of the magnitude
Of the harm done, 
I become my best friend forever;
As it is to me, I offer
The most charming gift
I do not anyone else a favour.

But how do I do that
It’s so easy to say!
No, when you’re working at
It, you’ll find a way. 

Close your eyes, sit alone;
Whether you believe in
God, or you don’t,
It doesn’t matter
As long as you’re determined
To get rid of the sin forever. 

Say to yourself, ‘I have the power
To forgive and so I do’, 
Imagine the person in front of you,
Keep repeating it from time to time
The words will do the trick
Like a miracle, or like magic
Your body will slowly liberate you
From the most unconscious crime.

© supratik 2023
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So true. One needs to forgive and move on.

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