My verse is all about love a small introduction.


Cherish all the moments in love,

Some brutal ones too must amble the core.

Let us face that the feeling prevails tough,

True stories drift from the flick illusion, it’s surely rough.

There are caresses and hugs too, no doubt,

This interval is minute hidden in the agony cloud.

Then the romance picture succumbs one fine day,

Red roses fade away and all turn grey.

We are all humans we must agree,

We can’t be decreed, and can’t function as slaves.

Then the spirits meant to be jointly segregate from the corpse,

Divergence is then their only fortune.

For this purpose, the harsh recalls should be admired more,

Shattered hearts with memories are mended and grown.

Good memories give you more anguish and grief,

“That soul was not meant for you “, from awful reminders we perceive.


              -Dr. Zakumi Saiyed

© Umera 2023
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