A message to all bonded in commitment.I hope my verse changes the mentality of  1 percent of young minds.


When God forged Man,

He made an angle for every clan.

He didn’t vacate him solitary,

But created his soul and core benefactor.

This is nature’s irony,

Two souls tied concurrently in destiny.

Then why is it so arduous for every essence?

To live in conformity without any hue and impasse.

When Our divine amasses to be together,

Then why humans fail to discern his perception.

There is great strength in unity,

When will all deceivers yearn and perceive?

A message to all you couples bonded by society,

Hurl off the ego, vanish the animosity,

The cart of marriage will move only by parity and unity.

-Dr. Umera

It’s heartbreaking to see so many divorces in this so-called modern world. A poem to all pairs made from heaven consummated on earth.

© Umera 2023
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