The Vertiginous Fly

Apropos of flies on the wall.

The fly on the wall
hung on for dear life,
afraid of a fall
as he had vertigo.
Instead of flying
to a window pane
he began climbing
with a slow crawl.
He slid with a thump
to the floor below
and the hapless chump
didn’t try anymore.
He should have hurried
to make his escape
as a spider scurried
towards him on the tiles.
The fly had a hunch
that the arachnid meant
to have him for lunch.
What should he do?
He was fairly relaxed
as he saw that the floor
had just been waxed
and was very slippery.
The polish put a damper
on the spider’s plan
forcing him to scamper
out of the door.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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What a relief! Wax saved the day. Cute poem, flows with ease and the humourous vein makes it one delightful read. Keen observation and empathy surface here.
Season’s Greetings!!
Warm Regards Luigi.


Haha, cute, Luigi.

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