Sand In My Hourglass


Playing on the riverbed in its sands,
Sparkling silver filled in both hands.
Shells and sepia we fondly picked and kept,
Bathed in gold towards sunset.
Each sand grain bore witness to times spent,
With cousins in our native on vacations we went.
As many stories, as many nights, 
Games we played their count infinite.
Time seemed to have stopped for all of us,
As we sat engraining our memories in chorus.
Oblivious of our childhood
slipping through,
Alongwith sand from our fists, bidding adieu.
River too has narrowed down its course,
Recoiling in agony, retreating to its source.
Plead with the river to take me back in time,
Let me touch those sands of a buried paradigm;
To resurrect and put them back in my hourglass.
Ruefully river smiles.. No more sand left in me, Alas!
It has all been mined, rest blown away,
Just as our childhood has run astray. 
My hourglass stands still, silent and forelorn,
Scattered in concrete, memories went sandborne.

© Gomathi 2023
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In this line “‘River too has narrowed down its coarse” did you mean to say ‘course’?


This one has a particularly nice rhythm, which starts to get a bit lost nearer the end, but overall, lovely. Great images, not too overdone and picturesque. Made me nostalgic. Well done.


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