Friday the 13th

Old wives’tales.

It will be the 13th of the month, and a Friday.
So what? Am I supposed to wake in a sweat
because superstition says that bad luck may
occur on that date and it is a feasible threat?

I have to expect that the sky might be grey,
that it will rain and the weather be very cold,
and that will be the extent of my unlucky day.
But that is not the greatest hardship, all told.

We become highly resilient, as we grow old;
can endure adversities as a matter of course
and overcome obstacles that are manifold,
even events that to some may seem a curse.

My friends counsel me not to be so cavalier,
to at least consider that there is a possibility
that the old wives’ tales at which we sneer
may not be beyond the realms of credibility.

They advise me to keep my fingers crossed,
but their suggestions become even madder:
I have to find a quatrefoil or else I am lost
and I am told never to walk under a ladder.

I now realise that they lack common sense
and I am bound to tell them they talk tosh;
that with their phony advice I can dispense
and that their drivel and bilge will not wash.
© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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I loved this for several reasons. Firstly because you aptly point out that we are often ruled by illogical silliness rather than sound reasoning and in my opinion, we’re our own victims for it.

Do you think this superstition stems from the murder of the Templar Knights by Phillip IV of France or perhaps from the Last Supper and Good Friday?

A much enjoyed read for me, Luigi.


Loved the tone of optimism and sensibility that runs through from beginning to end despite the many detractors who “talk tosh”! Thankyou Luigi for yet another rhythmic and enjoyable read that makes one think in the right direction.
Warm Regards, Gomathi.

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