Sonata of Solace


                  image: gomathi


When world goes quiet, seeking solace after the day’s clamour,   

There arises a silver orb, serenading the sky in glamour

Softly showering on the lonely planet, its soothing tender light,

Sailing from heaven hailing festive spirit till dawn replaces night.

Revealing vault of heaven’s streamers, studded with nine gems,

Millions of glittering stars with which the huge rondure hems.

Silhouetting nature against night sky, continues with her ride,

Reigning over our mood swings alongwith the ocean’s tide.

Smiles serenely at lovers drenching in her velvety moonlight,

Propels many a dreamy bard on a poesy of romantical flight.

Selena’s beauty echoes through night, in a sheen of silence, flawless,

Eyelids slide into arms of Morpheus, soothed by soprano’s Sonata of Solace.




© Gomathi 2023
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I got the message, Gomathi, but somehow this poem doesn’t chime for me. It is too elaborate and with too many adjectives. With a bit of pruning it could be made into an excellent ode, in my humble opinion.
Warm regards, as ever. Luigi x


Much improved, dear Gomathi. I find with my own poems that if rhythm and rhyming are maintained , shorter lines can convey sentiments just as well as longer verse if not better. The difficulty, and again I speak from my own experience, is how to refrain from being over enthusiastic.
You are doing well, keep it up.
Luigi x 🙂


I like the poetry. Gomathi, but I’m afraid that I see moonlight as being somewhat false – in that it is a mere reflection of the Sun (or Ra). But that’s not to take away from your well thought out piece. Blessings, Griff.


There is no way I am going to contradict that, Gomathi!

Up the revolution Brothers (and Sisters) Poetic License will reign for ever! 😉

Blessings, Griff.

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