On the House

Smoothing ruffled feathers.

We had agreed that we’d meet
at the Swiss Chalet restaurant
to sample their fine beef fondue
and pursue a potential détente.

They always have the best meat,
filet mignon that’s easy to chew.
A good meal will give us a chance
of a much needed breakthrough.

We’re here to have a serious chat;
there’s danger of a likely fallout.
The outcome of tonight’s dinner
will decide our future, no doubt.

The entente is far from cordiale
and our life is in constant turmoil.
The chunky cut-up pieces of beef
slowly sizzle in the boiling oil.

She stabs the fork into a morsel
and I feel as if it pierces my heart
such is the intensity of her thrust.
I can see that it isn’t a good start.

To restore the balance I need help;
to my aid comes the maître d’hotel
with a complimentary wine bottle
that seems to work a magic spell.

She relishes the the smooth texture
of a vintage and mellow Burgundy
like the one on our wedding day.
I hope it will bring back harmony.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

© ionicus 2023
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You paint such a vivid picture, Luigi. I felt like I was there with the couple at the table. I hope the wine heped to fixed the issues and that the couple went on for many happy years.



A delightful reading Luigi! Agree with Jolen, you make the reader sit at the table and have first hand experience of the goings on. Starts with an expectation, pumps up action with a not so savoury scenario and ends with a hopeful saviour in “On the House” drink. Much enjoyed, as always.
Warm Regards, Gomathi.


I liked the way you used her fork action and the sizzling in the boiling oil as allegory to the undertone of the meeting. Then, masterly, you left us questioning the outcome! Nice bit of writing, Luigi.

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