Makes The World Go Round


A magical wand weaving spells without a pause,
Brings into the world something that there never was.
What explains the wheel that happened to mankind,
Set the world on the move, an idea one of its kind.
Unknown concepts germinate in a mind that’s fertile,
To operate our daily functions, easing our lifestyle.
From cooking, commuting to communicating,
Timing the clock, to almanac to carbon dating.
Someone envisioned it, blessed by the muse,
Believed in the dream and to pursue, did choose.
Be it a writer, musician, artist or a scientist,
Creates a wonder and leaves it for us to have a tryst.
Poems cruising us across worlds sublime,
Stories typed or screened, offering entertainment of prime.
Fairytales of hope, sagas of bravery, thrillers that dare,
Helps retain one’s sanity, all credit to the author’s flair.
Someone once did visualize exploring worlwide in seconds,
Imagination has flown far, on it the world depends.
One that has caught everyone’s fancy with its algorithm,
Is bits and bytes, chips and clicks, pacing us on a fast rhythm.
Care a penny for your thoughts?
No thanks! Billion bucks is sought.
All those who let their minds free,
Are reaping from ideas spun on their dream spree!
It remains a puzzle though, seed sown in cerebrum yields,
More than in the farmer’s fields…

© Gomathi 2023
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Thank you for that. I enjoyed your thought train. It mirrors one that I have/had.

Sometimes, say in deep meditation, you realise that there is no difference between so-called reality and so-called imagination. The wand is in your hand and wielded by your own consciousness.


A good one, Gomathi. You have waved a magic wand and come up with this.There is a good rhythm and the rhymes flow freely on the whole, but there is always the danger that some rhyming may be seen as forced. I particularly refer to the following lines that jar to my ears:
“All those who let their minds free,
Are reaping from ideas spun on their dream spree!”
But you have put across your ideas very well.
Regards, Luigi


The imagination is the gateway to wonder and miracles. When I was growing up, I was told “what an imagination you have!” as though it was some terrible flaw. I have come to treasure it and what it can do.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

I saw in your words worlds within worlds circling round you in the ether.
Everything that ever was or ever will be all there, waiting to be dropped into the psyche of a creative mind.


Alison x

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